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Viewing and Changing Your App’s Metadata

After you create an iTunes Connect record for an app, the app appears in the Manage Your Apps module in iTunes Connect. You open the app record from here whenever you need to access the app information.
In addition to the metadata and configuration options you provide for the app, iTunes Connect organizes app platform information (from the app binary) and customer experience information (from the store) in the app record. This chapter describes how you access the information and how and when you can update it. For information on updating the binary for an app, see “Replacing Your App with a New Version.”
To manage existing apps, you must be signed in as a user with an Admin or Technical role.

Viewing App Information

You can view the app metadata as entered in iTunes Connect and as it will appear in the store for a given language. After you upload an app binary, you can view the information iTunes Connect reads from the binary, including the binary size.

Viewing an App

Only the team agent or users with Admin or Technical roles can view apps in iTunes Connect. If your user account doesn’t have the appropriate access, you won’t see the Manage Your Apps module on the iTunes Connect homepage. To be able to add an app, contact a user in your organization with an Admin role to give you access. Find a user with an Admin role as described in “Viewing and Editing iTunes Connect Users.”

To view the iTunes Connect record for an app
The App Summary page has two sections: App Information and Versions.
To open the information for a version, in the Versions section, click View Details for that app version.
The Version Details page shows the iTunes Connect metadata for the version in sections, starting with the information that doesn’t need to be localized in the first section, followed by the metadata text and uploads that can be localized, and then followed by additional sections of version-specific configuration information.

Searching for Apps

If the app you want to work on isn’t displayed in the Recent Activity sections on the Manage Your Apps page, you can search for the app using a variety of criteria. You can also click See All to view a list of all apps.

To search for an app
In the Search Results, clicking the name of an app opens the App Summary page.

Viewing Version Details for Each Territory

Use the Version Summary page to review the metadata for each store territory.

To open the Version Summary page for an app

Viewing Binary Details

After you upload the app binary to iTunes Connect, iTunes Connect reads information from the binary to present it properly in the store. You can view a summary of the binary information from the app Version Details page.

To view binary details
From the Binary Details page, you can do the following:
  • View information from the uploaded binary.
    The binary information and identifiers are valuable when communicating with Apple support teams about your app.
  • Reject the binary.
The binary details shown vary based on whether the app is an iOS app or a Mac app.

Viewing an App in the Store

If your app includes a version that’s “Ready for Sale,” you can open the store page for the app directly from iTunes Connect.

To view an app in the store

Changing Store Content While an App Is Live

You can change the following store metadata while an app’s version has the “Ready for Sale” status:
  • Copyright, Routing App Coverage File
  • Description, What’s New in this Version
  • Support URL, Marketing URL, and Privacy Policy URL
  • App Store Contact Information
  • Language support, including adding new languages and changing the default language
  • EULA
In addition to store metadata, you can also change the territories in which the app is available and app pricing, as described in “Scheduling Price Tier Changes.” You can update and add In-App Purchase products for an app that is “Ready for Sale,” as described in “Creating In-App Purchase Products” in In-App Purchase Configuration Guide for iTunes Connect.
Changes you make to this information are posted immediately (expect 24 hours for a full refresh of the changes on the store).

To edit the metadata for a Ready for Sale app
If you’re changing other information that isn’t listed as editable, you need to create a new app version and resubmit it. See “Replacing Your App with a New Version.”
If the app version doesn’t have the “Ready for Sale” status, check to see whether the status allows any editing (see “About App Statuses”). Refer to “iTunes Connect App Properties” for which properties can be changed.

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