Saturday, April 26, 2014

Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to iCloud Design Guide.
2014-04-09Updated "Designing for Core Data in iCloud" chapter to reference iCloud Programming Guide for Core Data.
2013-09-18Minor corrections and additions.
 Corrected text in Figure 1-4.
 Added information about coordinated reads of files that have not yet been downloaded to “Designing for Documents in iCloud.”
2012-09-19Added material throughout the document.
 Changed guidance on using wildcard characters in ubiquity container entitlement values, in “Request Access to iCloud Storage By Using Entitlements.”
 Reorganized and expanded the material in “Prepare Your App to Use iCloud.”
 Corrected Figure 1-4.
 Simplified the code listing in “Prepare Your App to Use the iCloud Key-Value Store.”
 Clarified the discussion around Figure 2-3.
 Added information to “Data Size Limits for Key-Value Storage.”
 Added two new sections in “Designing for Key-Value Data in iCloud”“Exercise Care When Using NSData Objects as Values” and“Don’t Use Key-Value Storage in Certain Situations.”
 Improved the discussion in “App Responsibilities for Using iCloud Documents.”
 Improved the discussion in “Designing for Core Data in iCloud.”
 Clarified the task steps in “Use Two Devices to Test Document Conflicts.”
 Added a new section about testing, “Start Fresh if Your iCloud Data Becomes Inconsistent During Development.”
2012-07-21Added material throughout the document.
2012-07-10New document that introduces the steps for incorporating iCloud support into your app.

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