Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Improving Your Customers’ Experience

After your app is available on the store, use iTunes Connect to understand and improve your customers’ experience with your app. For example:
  • View customers’ crash reports. Nothing is more likely to invoke the ire of users than to have an app crash, so you want to fix the underlying bugs for the crash as soon as possible.
  • View customers’ feedback. It’s easy to see customers’ feedback in iTunes Connect. Take time to evaluate all negative feedback so that you can provide users with an improved app experience. Use positive feedback to help you improve how you present your app on the store.
  • Monitor Game Center for fraudulent activity. If you notice that players are able to generate fraudulent scores, you want to block those players to improve the customer experience for others.

Viewing Crash Reports

iTunes Connect collects crash reports for the most frequent crashes that your customers are encountering in the most recently approved version of an app. Crash reports are available from the Version Details page for an app.
Crash reports are available for apps that have been on the store for a long enough period of time to generate crash logs or if Apple has received significant crash information from users.
To view and download crash reports for an app
Tabs on the page appear for each OS release on which users are running the app and for which there are crash reports available. You may also see tabs for unreleased versions of iOS or OS X, at Apple’s discretion.
In each pane, iTunes Connect displays crash reports accumulated since the last time the list was refreshed. The collection start time is displayed at the top of the page. Before you refresh the page, save the reports you need. After you refresh the report, the reports listed on the page are no longer available.
To clear the Crash Reports, click Refresh.

Viewing Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are also available in iTunes Connect for you to view the most recent feedback from your users.
To view customer reviews for an app

Managing Game Center Leaderboard Scores

iTunes Connect gives you access to the top 100 scores posted to your app’s leaderboards. If you determine that players are able to generate fraudulent high scores, you can remove these scores from a leaderboard or block individual players from posting scores. You can manage active leaderboards as follows:
  • View the top 100 scores for a given leaderboard or grouped game leaderboard.
  • Delete a score from a leaderboard.
  • Restore a score to a leaderboard.
  • Block a player from posting scores to a given leaderboard. This action deletes all scores on the leaderboard for that player.
  • Restore a player and the player’s most recent score posted before being blocked.
iTunes Connect maintains 30 days of scores removed and players blocked; you can restore scores or players from these lists.

Viewing Leaderboard Scores

If there are live leaderboards for an app, you can access leaderboard scores from the Game Center page of the app.
To view leaderboard scores

Removing and Restoring Scores

When you delete a score from a leaderboard, the entry (that is, the player’s nickname and the score) is removed from the leaderboard.
To delete a score
After deleting a score, the entry appears in the Removed Scores (Last 30 Days) list. Removed scores may take up to 20 minutes to disappear from their Game Center leaderboards or to appear in the Removed Scores list in iTunes Connect.
You can restore a score to a leaderboard within 30 days of the score being removed. When you restore a score and the score is still in the top 100 for that leaderboard, the entry is replaced in the leaderboard, including the player’s nickname and the score. Restored scores may take up to 20 minutes to appear in their Game Center leaderboards or to appear in the Top 100 Scores list in iTunes Connect.
To restore a score

Blocking and Restoring Players

When you block a player from a leaderboard, iTunes Connect causes the following things to happen:
  • The player’s score entries—the player’s nickname and the score itself—are removed from the leaderboard.
  • The player’s score entries are removed from group game leaderboards that include this leaderboard.
  • No new scores from this player are posted to the leaderboard or to group game leaderboards that include this leaderboard.
  • Previously deleted scores for this player from any leaderboard are removed from the list of deleted scores: you can’t restore a score from a blocked player.
It may take up to 24 hours for all of the blocked player’s scores to fall off of all leaderboards.
To block a player
After blocking a player, the player’s nickname appears in the list of blocked players in the app’s Manage Scores and Players page.
You can restore a player within 30 days of blocking the player. When you restore a blocked player to a leaderboard, the player’s new scores are posted to the leaderboard and the player’s last posted score before being blocked is restored to the leaderboard.
To restore a player

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